Pet Policy

  • Domestic dogs and cats only. Only domestic dogs and cats are allowed as pets on Resort property. No wild or exotic animals are allowed, included chimpanzees and monkeys, wild cats, pigs, snakes, peacocks, and all other types of animals.
  • Restricted dog breeds.  Per insurance company restrictions, dogs from the following breeds are not allowed on Resort property: (1) Pit Bulls and related breeds, (2) Bull Mastiffs and related breeds, (3) Chows and related breeds, (4) Doberman Pinschers and related breeds, (5) German Shepherds and related breeds, (6) Rottweilers and related breeds, and (7) any dog or dog breed with recognized aggressive tendencies. No aggressive dogs are allowed on Resort property at any time.
  • Number of pets. A maximum of three (3) pets are included in the Resort rates. Additional pets are subject to management approval and additional charges during your stay. All guests must comply with the Resort Pet Policy at all times.
  • Veterinary records. All pets must be up to date on required vaccines.  Copies of pet veterinary records must indicate pet breed and vaccine status and be available for review upon request.
  • Guest pets only. Only pets belonging to registered guests are allowed on Resort property.  Visitors and service personnel may not bring pets onto Resort property.
  • Prohibited areas. Pets are not allowed in the following areas: the RV office, clubhouse and bathrooms, the pool and pool deck, and the laundry center and bathrooms.  
  • Leashes required. Pets shall be leashed at all times when outdoors, except within the confines of the fenced dog park pursuant to the dog park rules.
  • Pets must be attended at all times. Pets shall not be tied up, crated, and penned outside while unattended. Pets must be directly attended by their owners at all times while outside.
  • Barking and other disturbances. Barking and other pet-related disturbances must be controlled at all times.
  • Removal of pet. In the event that guest’s pet causes a repeated disturbance, guest shall remove the pet from the resort for the remainder of their stay.
  • Guest liability. Guest agrees that they will be liable for any refunds or rebates given to other guests should guest’s pet be deemed by resort management to have caused a disturbance resulting in a demand by other guests for refunds or rebates.
  • Pet wastes. All pet wastes must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly.   Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a $50.00 charge per incident.

Updated May 29, 2023